Celebrity Hairstyles 2014

Celebrity Hairstyles 2014This season celebrities present their new and incredibly stylish haircuts that cannot but inspire us to make experiments with our own hair. So, what are they?

Long and wavy hair

Celebrity Hairstyles 2014 with long hair and waved tips look really showy as they suit the everyday life as well as some special occasions. You can see many famous people with the long wavy hair.

The one, who has an oblong face, should definitely try the hairstyle with long hair falling on the shoulders. It perfectly suits various parties and red carpet occasions.

Moreover, this hairstyle is very easy to make if you have most of the necessary equipment. The gorgeous locks will attract everyone’s attention to you. This style simply drives the cameras mad, adding the charm to the celebrities having such hair settings.

Long straight hair

This one more wonderful style implies long glossy hair, streaming softly down on the shoulders. Such haircut adds finesse, elegance and self-confidence to her owner. The femininity and grace, it emphasizes, cannot be compared with any other hairstyle. This style can be displayed at any exclusive or fashion occasion.

Celebrity Hairstyles 2014

High haircuts for parties

If you have to be at the party in one hour but your hair is not in the best condition, this hairstyle will come to your rescue. It will turn your bad looking hair into the haircut that attracts everyone’s attention by its gorgeous and elegant look. You will be the most gracious and spectacular person at the party. This hairstyle is a wonderful idea for the official occasion. You can make it very easily. The one has to curl the hair if it is not naturally wavy, than moisture it and apply hair spray. After this,  you just crumple your hair up and let it dry into a natural way. You will get the locks, looking even more charming that you could ever imagine. Than gather all hair in the back and fix it into the bunch on the top of the head. A nice band will look wonderfully in this hairstyle and create a really enchanting image.

Middle wavy hair

Don’t worry if you have thin straight or wavy hair of the middle length, and you think what haircut to choose for this night’s special grand occasion. You may look really attractive with refined locks that decorate your hair. This style, being a great addition to your image for any official event, can make the many let their eyes linger on your hair.

Celebrity Hairstyles 2014

Long layered hair

It is very easy to create this popular and charismatic style with the long layered hair. This hairstyle makes your image fresh and romantic. You will look sparkling at any event. Such style wonderfully goes with the designer’s evening dress or official suit. If you want to make this hair setting, you need to wind up your hair with the curling tongs near the roots at the angle of 180 degrees for 7-8 minutes. If you want to make your waves not so prominent, apply the curling tongs for shorter time. Wind your hair around the finger for a moment after you remove the tongs. Than use the gloss mousse and fix the hair with the spray.

Horse tail of the 60s

Renato Campora, a famous hairstyle designer, specially created this hair setting for Reese Witherspoon. She had to wear it on the red carpet. He wanted to make the accent on her beautiful shoulders, finely moulded neck and hanging shining ear-rings. He was inspired by the style of the 60s and transformed her hair into the cute tightened up horse tail.

Short ragged hair

This style is very fashionable and represents itself as short and not evenly cut hair. Such new style is glamorous, a bit shocking and obscure. Instead of creating ordinary look for Scarlett, the fashionable designer Duffy made her image unpredictable but at the same time charming.  He curled up her hair a little, used the spray with the sea salt, than fluffed up her locks into the natural waves, changing the direction with the every portion of the hair, but keeping the tips straight.Celebrity Hairstyles 2014

Hair, gathered with metal accessories

Mara Roszak made this glamorous image for Emma Stone. The hairstyle became just charming with the shining accessories. You will simply fall in love with this hairstyle as it comprises the stunning contrast between the simplicity of the hairstyle itself and the impression it produces.

Hair fastened on one side

This hair setting with the hair fastened on one side. It adds something gracious and gorgeous to the image of Kirsten Dunst, and totally changes her appearance. And the massive barrette emphasizes the beauty of her simple and at the same time elegant dress.

Shot hair

Many celebrities such as Emma Watson and Keira Knightley preferred very short haircuts such as pixie, rock-crop, or multilayer bob. If you are a trendsetter, you may try this extremely fresh and stunning image. The short bob, similar to the one of Kristin Cavallari, will suit you, if you prefer a bit longer hairstyle.

If you like these wonderful, unpredictable and ultra fashionable hairstyles, you should try the one, that can suit you most of all, and make you the centre of everyone’s attention.