New Men’s Hairstyles 2014

New Men’s Hairstyles 2014New Men’s Hairstyles 2014 are represented in a great number of various simple hair settings, which can be easily made by using only wax and comb.

Men’s hairstyle 2014: backswept hair. This type of the hair setting prevails over other models. It comprises the strict smooth hairstyles as well as the careless ones. These two types of hairstyles fit men with the hair of the middle length because it is impossible to set the crew cut like this.

If you want to make a strict haircut, you have to put some gel on your palms and sleek the hair with it, beginning from the forehead and finishing at the back of the head. It is important to use the small amount of the gel; otherwise you will not have the wet hair effect.

You will need wax for making the careless hairstyle. Firstly, you need to spread the wax on your palms, than comb the hair back with your hands, but don’t sleek it. This variant of hair setting will fit the classic image and the everyday look.

New Men’s Hairstyles 2014 with parting at one side. This type of the hair setting is quiet popular in the coming year. Such hair setting will add some gloss, charm and chic to the men’s image. It is very easy in setting, as you just need to divide the hair in two parts, then to spread the wax on your palms and sleek the hair. But you should be very careful and don’t sleek it too much.

Sleek hairstyle 2014. This kind of hair setting will be extremely popular in the coming year. It fits slim sharp-visaged men. Sleek hairstyle is easy to set.

Men’s hairstyle 2014 with the hair combed forward. This hairstyle is supposed tohide the forehead and also the eyebrows in some cases. If you want to make this hair setting, you just need to use the hairdryer on the wet hair, and then comb the hair in the direction of the forehead.

Men’s hairstyle 2014 with the hair combed forward

Men’s hairstyle 2014 “The Curls”. This type of the hair setting will suit only in certain occasions. For making it, you need to set the hair into one parting on the side and curl a couple of locks near the face with the curling irons.

Men’s hairstyle 2014 “The Curls”

Men’s hairstyle 2014 “The Creative chaos”. Making this hair setting won’t take much time. After the hair being dried, you need to fluff it up in any direction, backcomb it, and curl several locks. As a result, this variant of the hairstyle will look as if you did nothing to it, and the hair will remain in the natural chaos.

Men’s hairstyle 2014 “The Creative chaos”